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Financial Analyst

Department: Asset Management

Reports to: Asset Management

EEOC Class: Professional

FLSA Status: Exempt

Job Summary

The Financial Analyst is responsible for helping asset manage Midwest Housing Equity Group’s (“MHEG”) investments in multiple affordable housing developments (“Operating Partnerships”) financed with Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (“LIHTC”).  This individual works with affordable housing developers, property managers and accounting firms.  The Financial Analyst handles the intake and review of Operating Partnership financial reporting, and supports Asset Managers in their role of improving the financial, operational and physical health of our investments. This individual also helps foster strong relationships with our various partners.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Monitor financial reports for portfolio of approximately 45 – 75 Operating Partnerships.
  • Upload initial Operating Partnership data, benefits schedules, underwriting spreadsheets, budgets and other property data into database system; maintain and update as necessary.
  • Collect, input and analyze Operating Partnership financial and operational data.
  • Analyze, adjust and reconcile monthly Operating Partnership financials and annual budgets.
  • Review/Analyze Operating Partnership bank statements and reconciliations.
  • Prepare operating/replacement reserve requests according to guidelines outlined in partnership agreements.
  • Perform Operating Partnership financial metrics calculations (e.g., IRR, DSCR, NPV, cash flow analysis)
  • Perform Operating Partnership financial variance analysis (e.g., actual vs. budget, actual vs. initial underwriting, actual vs. portfolio, proposed budget vs. portfolio, proposed budget vs. initial underwriting, etc.)
  • Review construction draws, verify lease-up, prepare diligence requests for equity contributions
  • Conduct annual Operating Partnership site inspections; prepare and file reports of same.
  • Collect, input and analyze insurance certificates/policies on an annual basis. Ensure insurance meets requirements outlined in the partnership agreement by submitting insurance documents to a third party and taking appropriate follow-up action with the general partner when necessary.
  • Perform annual Operating Partnership impairment analysis to support operations and upper tier audit work.
  • Prepare and update routine quarterly and annual reports on Operating Partnerships.
  • Respond in timely manner to investor requests for ad hoc reports for watch list status, and report same within MHEG
  • Assist Acquisition Managers with market analysis and comparability data with respect to potential property acquisitions.
  • Assist with training of interns and their familiarization with software systems
  • Assist with financial modeling and documentation to facilitate Fund disposition of Operating Partnership investments.
  • Assist with other special projects as may be assigned from time to time.

Managerial Responsibility


Physical Requirements

  • Ability to work under pressure, including evening and weekends during peak periods.
  • Ability to travel via aircraft and automobile for extended periods of time (i.e., ability to take long flights and drives).
  • Ability to work in typical office environment: type proficiently, use a computer, see computer screens and read/comprehend numerous financial and property management reports, i.e. general ledger, rent roll, tax returns, pay stubs, etc.
  • Ability to lift 30 pounds.
  • When traveling, incumbent may be exposed to varying environmental conditions (e.g., inclement weather, crowded or unsanitary conditions, dirt, dust, construction work site hazards).
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