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Executive Staff

  • Jason Main
    Chief Financial Officer

  • John Wiechmann
    President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Becky Christoffersen
    Chief Investment Officer

  • Ann Burge
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Tom Stratman
    Vice President of Acquisitions

  • Jordan Abboud
    Vice President of Asset Management

  • Pat Michaelis
    Vice President / Business Development Officer - Central Region

  • Andrea Frymire
    Vice President / Business Development Officer - South Region

  • Scott Fitzpatrick
    Vice President / Business Development Officer - Northeast Region

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  • Lisa Bryan
    Administrative Coordinator

  • Brad Reiff
    Acquisitions Manager

  • Brooke Smith
    Senior Asset Manager - Special Assets

  • Joshua Yurek
    Director of Government Affairs

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  • Tyler Arens
    Acquisitions Manager

  • Kelli Baker
    Asset Manager

  • Karen Boyd
    Closing-Risk Manager

  • Sara Church
    Asset Manager

  • Emily Coleman
    Financial Analyst

  • Traci Collins
    Acquisitions Manager

  • Tracy Connor
    Corporate Accountant

  • Dustin Daugherty
    Construction Manager

  • Leah Davis
    Closing Manager

  • Shannon Foster
    Accounting Manager

  • Steve Gross
    Senior Financial Analyst

  • Ryan Harris
    Acquisitions Manager

  • Brett Helt
    Financial Analyst - Asset Stabilization

  • Deb Holcomb
    Compliance Specialist

  • Jake Jacobsen
    Construction Manager

  • Shannon Johnson
    Accounting Assistant

  • Keely McAleer
    Corp. Communications & HR Administrator

  • Paul McDonald
    Senior Asset Manager

  • Trey Mendlik
    Financial Analyst

  • Sharita Nelson
    Compliance Specialist

  • Jennifer Niemier
    Closing Manager

  • Dana Oswald
    Accounting Coordinator

  • Shannon Powers
    Closing Manager - Real Estate

  • Mike Powley
    Deputy Director of Operations

  • Amanda Raak
    Financial Analyst

  • Josh Rauner
    Fund Reporting Manager

  • Cole Rogers
    Financial Analyst

  • Laurie Stephenson
    Deputy Director of Compliance

  • Deb Swanson
    Closing Manager

  • Shellie Vandeman
    Compliance Specialist

  • Cindy Wieck
    Administrative Assistant

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  • Sammy Ehtisham
    Assistant Vice President of Acquisitions

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