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Our Impact

With each new development, we are making an impact on the lives of the residents we serve. A safe, quality and affordable home is the foundation upon which people can build a successful life. It provides safety and security, thus allowing the resident to focus on life’s other needs: health, nutrition, education, employment, family and achievement.

We are honored to be making an impact and changing the lives of these residents.

Resident Stories

Meet Warren.

Des Moines, IA

He spends his day cooking meals at the Hope Ministry. He enjoys singing in his church’s choir group when he’s able. He is content with his days being quiet and simple. He is humble and extremely appreciative of everyone that has helped him get to where he is today.

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Meet Victoria.

Shawnee, OK

She’s a proud single mom of three kids. She works hard during the day at an auto body shop. In the evenings, she enjoys watching her kids play outside with all the children in the neighborhood. She lives for routine and her children. She loves her new home and is excited to be decorating. She has plans to go back to college to become a counselor.

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Meet Marshal.

Omaha, NE.

He loves to dance, watch sports and hangout with his friends. He enjoys movie night and going bowling. He is employed at a nearby restaurant and is proud to show you around his new apartment.

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Meet Antonia.

Sioux Falls, SD

Her laugh will make you smile, and her stories will make you laugh. She enjoys visiting with those in her community and loves to stop by her property management’s office to have a daily chat. If she’s not conversing with neighbors, listening to music, or watching a show in her apartment, she’s at church. The kinship and stability she has created at Technology Heights hasn’t always been her living experience.

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Meet Mykenzie.

Sioux Falls, SD

She is a single mom at 25. She is a survivor of domestic abuse. She is managing and learning to live with a neurological disorder. But who Mykenzie really is, is an extremely caring human being who has lived through so much already in her young age. She wants to be an advocate, role model and support system for anyone who is unable to speak up for themselves and going through something difficult.

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