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Resident Stories


Sioux Falls, SD

A year ago, Mykenzie was in a much different place. Living in an unhealthy environment, she was controlled and abused by her partner. She had tried to leave before, but after one final altercation that landed Mykenzie in the hospital and afraid she might lose her life, she left. She didn’t have a plan, but she knew she couldn’t raise her child around violence, so she left with the few valuables she had and no money. Fortunately, Mykenzie was able to temporarily live with a few families of friends that opened their homes to her during this difficult time until she could find permament housing. About six months later, she was able to move into a place of her own, the Irving Center Apartments.

Located in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Irving Center Apartments is a newly constructed multifamily apartment building. Developed by Y Housing IV, LLC (YMCA), and managed by Lloyd Property Management Company, the apartments are targeted to individuals making 40% of the area median income. Mykenzie is extremely grateful for her new home, “I finally have a safe place to myself, which I’ve never had before.”

“This is the first time I’ve felt safe in years.”

Now living in a safe environment, Mykenzie has been able to focus on herself, going to therapy and coming to terms with where she is in life and learning how to take care of herself and family. “I’ve never had my own place without anyone else that I have to answer to. It’s really given me a lot of power back,” she continues. “It’s probably the only reason I was able to heal.” Prioritizing her health and starting to plan for her future, she is taking big steps in rebuilding her self-confidence and self-worth. “Being here has given me a lot of strength.”

Looking to the future, Mykenzie hopes to start a podcast about mental health and rehabilitation after any sort of traumatizing incident, “I want to connect with people and say something bigger than myself.” For now, she is content on learning to be happy and focusing on her son in a safe place.

Irving Center Apartments was made possible for Mykenzie and other families through the use of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.