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Resident Stories

Sister Marilyn Ross

Sister Marilyn Ross had a passion for helping low-income individuals and families acquire quality, affordable housing. She not only had a significant impact on MHEG, but on the North Omaha community as well. Sr. Marilyn served as the Executive Director of Holy Name Housing Corporation, a non-profit organization that has been revitalizing North Omaha neighborhoods for over 30 years until she retired in 2015. HNHC believes that every resident has the right to decent and affordable housing and has been renovating and building homes that are sold to low- and moderate-income families in the North Omaha community.

In addition to her dedicated work at HNHC, Sr. Marilyn was an active participant in the formation of MHEG. She served on the Board of Directors from 1993-2010 and as Chairman from 2000-2010. During her 15+ years on the board, her knowledge and leadership were a permanent source of support and guidance for MHEG. Sr. Marilyn passed away in April 2022, but her legacy lives on in the hundreds of homes she helped create.